Would your company like to support TASFAA?

TASFAA is accepting sponsorship in a variety of ways from partners. Below is a list of the 2019-2020 sponsorship opportunities. Some opportunities are limited and may have already been promised. This list is updated annually with the available sponsorship opportunities as of the start of the year.
For more information on sponsorship, contact our Sponsor Relations chairperson.  

Website Advertising

The TASFAA website includes news and updates, Annual Conference information, TASFAA membership directory and the TASFAA blog.

Website Sponsor Link Dedicated advertising space on the TASFAA website for the duration of the membership year $2500.00
Blog Post Package Four blog posts through the TASFAA blog over the course of the year $1000.00


Regional Training

Regional training sessions are held each Spring throughout the state of Texas. The 2020 dates and locations for Regional Trainings can be found here.

Exhibitor Will be permitted to set up an exhibit table at the training session $300.00
Meal Sponsorship Sponsor will be permitted five minutes at the podium during lunch $200.00
Break Sponsorship Sponsor will be acknowledged during break $100.00
Banner Ad Sponsor will receive ad space on the TASFAA website during the regional training session $100.00


Annual conference

The TASFAA Annual Conference is hosted each October for its members and partners from throughout the state and the country. Below are options to support the conference.

Conference Exhibitor Includes registration for one (1) representative*; Exhibitor table at the annual conference; TASFAA exhibitor marketing sheets with summaries and logos to be distributed to all attendees; Public acknowledgment.  Membership to TASFAA is required. Exhibitor fee increases to $1250.00 after 9/3/2020. *Additional representatives may register as conference attendees through the regular conference registration process. $1000.00
Conference Bags Exhibitor logo will be included $850.00
Conference Giveaway Exhibitor logo will be included $850.00
Conference Badges Exhibitor logo will be included $750.00
Conference Evening Event Sponsorship Sponsor will be acknowledged during evening social event $800.00
Conference Meal Sponsorship Sponsor will be permitted five (5) minutes at the podium during the meal $1000.00
Preconference and ABC Workshop WiFi Sponsor will be acknowledged $200.00
Conference WiFi Sponsorship Sponsor will be acknowledged.  $200.00 per day
Conference Banner Ad on TASFAA Website Sponsor will receive advertising space on the tasfaa.org website during the conference $200.00
Conference Blog Post Sponsor will be able to submit one (1) blog post to be published during the conference $100.00


Advertising and Support funds apply to the 2020 calendar year.

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Blog Posts can include professional, education-based content on products, services or trainings offered by a corporate partner organization. Posts should not exceed 500 words and may include appropriate graphics, such as logos and links. The blog editor has content and editorial discretion to approve appropriate content.