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Come and join us on Thursday night for music, heavy hors d'oeuvres and beverages (including drink tickets and a cash bar), and what will surely be a night to remember! Bring on the fun with Lou Murray and The TASFAA Music Experience!

This entertainment event has been a success at RMASFAA, LASFAA, NMASFAA, SASFAA, SWASFAA and OASFAA! Think bingo, only instead of letters or number, Lou will DJ 20 seconds of a song, and participants will mark their “bingo” cards with the appropriate song title (or artist, when applicable). If the group needs more time to guess the answer, someone in the group must sing along or dance.

This event will surely encourage camaraderie, networking opportunities, pop culture nostalgia and tons of FUN! And there may even be a prize or two thrown in for good measure for the winners!

* Additional “bingo” cards may be purchased with the proceeds being donated to our community outreach charity

More info about Thursday morning's class: Jujitsu Self-Defense 101: Find your inner black belt

The basic self-defense session is a concise, focused, physical training experience that builds upon concepts covered in the keynote. Participants will learn a brief history of Japanese jujitsu, applications of techniques, and the physical & psychological implications of self-defense. Attendees will practice verbal de-escalation techniques,, escape from grabs using releases, and create distance between themselves and the “aggressor ”. Punching & kicking will be demonstrated but participants will not strike each other. This session is a unique health and wellness team-building activity.